NVIDIA Claw pizza :)

Well, OK, let’s just dive in, shall we?



  • 1 frozen, or otherwise, pizza
  • any green vegetable you like (I used baby spinach leaves here)
  • egg whitess (how many? depends on the size of your pizza, doesn’t it?)


  • Mozzarela, or any other white meltable cheese
  • Large ham slices (or any other thin, large edable thing you can use as base, IF you want to…)
  • egg yolks (you know, the leftovers from the required whites)

Print the logo and cut out the green:

– make sure it is large enough to cover your pizza, and not larger… but also not too much smaller. You’ll figure it out…

Get a frying pan large enough to cover your pizza, and not too much larger… but also definitely not smaller! Again, you’ll figure it out…

Separate the egg whites.

I mixed the yolkes with spinach, later found out it did not matter, so…

Heat up some butter or oil in the pan. Add the egg whites and let them be, do not stir!

Once ready, take them out on some paper towels and dry them thoroughly.

Use towels on both sides, two plates larger enough, and flip a few times, using fresh paper towels.

Get some flat wooden surface and flip the eggs onto it.
I had a paper towel underneath, could be an issue in the next step when cutting… I managed.

Place the printed cutout on the eggs and go to work… You’ll figure it out…

You should end up with something like this:

IMPORTANT: Before flipping it back onto a plate, OIL the plate properly! Trust me, you will need the slipperynessness… ness… to get the eggs onto the pizza!

Flip it.


 – that’s what we want (smile)

OK, lets see what we are working with:

 – OK, all clear here. The yellow is the yolkes, mixed with some of the baby spinach – not really needed in the end, but I was experimenting.

So, I placed the ham first, to get a flat-ish base:

Created a mozarella frame and filled it with eg yolkes as a binding agent.

Placed all baby spinash leaves, strategically to match the logo:

IMPORTANT: remember the oil!

Because even with the oil, this will happen:

Fix it:

Make it pretty:

In she goes:

And out she comes! (smile)



YEI! (smile)